Firstly welcome to The Cats Other Mother – we are a family run luxury cat hotel providing a cosy home from home experience to ensure your cat’s happiness and wellbeing whilst you’re away.

Our beautiful cat hotel is situated at our family home and horse stable yard. It’s a very special place, purpose built with loving care and attention. Everyone who visits here comments on the feel of the place, its warmth and friendly atmosphere. Animals just settle here. All the animals that live here are happy and kind souls.

The Cats Other Mother aka Helen

Hi my name is Helen. I was born in the 70’s into a cat adoring family and have never known life without them.

I am an animal person, and adore each and every one of them. Animals are my life and I feel incredibly lucky that I get to live and work surrounded by them. Over the years I have acquired a vast knowledge of what animals need to live happy healthy lives and have attained a Level 3 qualification in feline care, behaviour and welfare. My lifestyle has enabled me to rescue a number of animals including 5 pygmy goats, a number of feathered friends and cats.....lots of them..... YES I’M A REAL CRAZY CAT LADY! I have naturally bond with all animals this helps me to quickly gain their trust and friendship. I look forward to welcoming your cat to our very special hotel where I am sure they will enjoy their holiday with us.

Jan – Helens Mother (so that must make her the Purry Grandmother)

Hi, my name is Jan. I’m Helens mum and live next door to Helen and Chris (Helens partner) at the stables. I’ve been a cat lover since being a child (A very long time ago). I am now a cat Mum to 4 rescue cats that has been abandoned in a cardboard box last year....obviously I had to keep them all. They have become a beautiful family and all have very different characters. As well as dishing out cuddles in the cattery and making a mean cappuccino for our visiting cat parents, I volunteer at the local RSPCA charity shop which I absolutely love.