Being a real home bird I love design and decorating. When planning the rooms I wanted them to be a good mix of luxury and home comforts but also focusing on a cats natural behaviour requirements.

Room design

Our own cats have been a great source of inspiration, I know how they love to sit in the window on a rainy day and watch the droplets run down the glass. They prefer our old armchair rather than the expensive designer cat tower we bought them for Christmas, with their help we have created the perfect rustic hideaway. All our beautiful suites are supersized providing over 60sq/ft of living space that can happily accommodate a family. They all have a double glazed bay window catio to allow lots of natural light in to the rooms. According to our guests this really is the best seat in the house, a perfect place to relax and view the wildlife.
For larger families we have secret suites. Cat sized interconnecting doors link 2 supersized suites allowing enough space for up to 8 cats.


Each supersized suite contains:

Private Bay Window Catio

This wonderful space has been designed to be enjoyed all year round. During the winter the side vent can remain closed to keep the room cosy. The large lounging platforms are covered with the finest fluffy bedding, this really is the best place to unwind and view the garden.


Cats sleep for around 16 hours a day. Our armchairs are just like the ones you have at home and are perfect for cat naps.

Cat TV

TV is a comforting and familiar sound of home. In our house we all pile on the sofa in the evenings and watch TV together. One of our cats is a real telly addict, he loves Coronation Street but his favourite is live stream from the bird table.

Food and Water

Constant access to fresh water and the finest of food.

Litter Tray

Ensuite - private almost hidden litter tray

Throws and Cusions

Soft Fluffy throws and cushions

Comfy beds

Deep comfortable beds for your cat to relax on

Under floor heating

To provide a warm and comfortable environment

Scratching post

To allow natural scratch marking


Luminara flickering candles for cosy evenings

Turndown Service

Evening turndown service with complimentary milky treats

Cat grass

Cats are instinctively attracted to cat grass. Behaviorists believe that it helps them with digestion and the dreaded hairballs.

Aerial Platforms

To encourage your cat to explore its territory choosing where to sit and sleep. Creates that wonderful feeling of climbing the highest tree.

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